Company NameTakachiho Sangyo Co.,LTD
Establishment Year1959
CEOToshihiko Nakao
Head office1-44 Namiuchi-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya, 462-0041 Japan

Our company’s strength is that we can precisely support customer needs.

We can develop products so as to flexibly and specifically address needs in the field. This is done by making the most of our comprehensive operations that cover from design and development to manufacturing and sales.

Our main customers are major telecommunications carriers and electric power companies. This is how we have met the needs of the times through advanced technologies, and accumulated a great deal of know-how in the process.

Our products are a culmination of this know-how, and they have made a huge behind-the-scenes contribution to Japan’s infrastructure construction.

We have a sound foundation because our products play integral roles in infrastructure construction, maintenance, and management.