The initial model of TPD was released in 1977 and have been supplied no less than 25,000 units.

Main users are underground-related constructors such as tele-communication, electric power, gas, water, and sewage


TPD is a portable multiple gas detector which can permit the simultaneous and continuous monitoring of Oxygen deficiency, Combustible gas, Carbon monoxide, and Hydrogen sulfide in the construction site such as inside manhole. 



SENSORING UNIT is our original method that saves the time for maintenance and provide more accurate measuring result. There are no need to send your gas detector to our plant for its maintenance.


The only things that you have to do are loosen and tighten the several bolts for the purpose of exchanging your unit once a year.

Sensoring Unit is keep clean by the original two-pump method.


Creation of a record table can be performed by the data management software. Graphically showed data can also be performed and change of working environment can be grasped easily.



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